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About Us

A Name with long heritage in perfume and cosmetics

Following four decades of success, Sheikh Saleh Hamad Al-Abdullatif continues the remarkable success as owner of Al-Abdullatif Group, a world renowned importer and distributor of distinguished beauty products.

With many locations in Saudi Arabia, each of Al-Abdullatif Group’s brands (owned or through sole agency agreement) has a unique offering for a specific clientele. Within the field of beauty products, it has specialized divisions that offer wholesale and retail perfumes, wholly natural beauty products, comprehensive beauty consultation for women by women, comprehensive skin care, and cosmetics.

Beyond the headquarters in Jeddah, the Group dominates distribution in all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC and extends its reach throughout other international markets. This tremendous success has paved the road to explore new sectors and industries. Within the heart of the interest of the group is investing and operating brand development projects and international partnership. New divisions under development include fashion, ladies accessories and food and beverage market.

As a prominent employer in the Kingdom, Al-Abdullatif Group proudly provides job opportunities (including extensive training) for a growing number of Saudi nationals. It employs a loyal staff of expatriates who have served the group for much of its history. In addition, the Group uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the most accurate inventory management, accounting analysis, and marketing studies.

Above all else, Al-Abdullatif Group is committed to provide its loyal customers and business partners with excellent customer service and transparent communication while delivering quality products and services that fulfill the desires of the market.


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Prince Sultan St, Jeddah Saudi Arabia Beside Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabir School
Tel : +966 12 2158880  Fax: +966 12 2158880 - Ext 888  Union No. 920003391
Email : info@alabdullatif-sa.com